Our Prayer for Our Providers
Providers of the Staff of Life
ATWOOD, KS  67730

Sunday School - 9:45 AM
Sunday Worship - 10:30 AM
Sunday Evening - 6:00 PM
Wed Bible & Prayer - 7:00 PM

Dear Lord, we lift up our prayer for those who provide sustenance to our tables on farms and ranches throughout this land.  Give them wisdom as they face the hardships of long hours, inclement weather and uncertain market conditions.  Remind us to be thankful for their endeavors, though they are most often not within our sight.  Strengthen them in their determination to bring their crops and herds to fruition regardless of conditions and circumstances.  Thank You Lord for providing the Staff of Life through the work of these brave, hardy souls whom you have called to serve in this essential ministry to mankind.  We ask that you bless them with your grace, peace and prosperity in Jesus's name.  Amen.